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This project aims to enhance the quality of life of people living with dementia by optimising the design and implementation of community-based gardening initiatives (CBGIs) for people with dementia. This work is being conducted in partnership with Age UK Exeter, Innovations in Dementia, a horticultural practitioner and also people affected by dementia themselves.

This will lead to production of an evidence base, resources and guidelines to support development of CBGIs in future. The project is supported by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.

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Optimising prescribing

This project aimed to increase understanding of the barriers and enablers to implementing prescribing interventions in practice.

With support from ESRC Impact Acceleration funding, our research team has brought together diverse academic and external partners who represent medical education, policy-makers
and clinical practice.


This will lead to the production of an ‘Optimising prescribing toolkit’, to provides resources for clinical practitioners and policy makers.

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Doctor and Patient

Workplace support for first-year early career professionals: a comparative
analysis of newly-qualified doctors and secondary school teachers

This project explored the workplace support provided to foundation year one junior doctors and new secondary school teachers during their first year , through a thematic analysis of narrative data sources.

A comparative research design identified factors influencing support provision in two professional fields, and drew broader conclusions about how best to support professionals during the early stages of their careers.

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