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Early Career Researcher Network

I am currently representative for the South of the United Kingdom, for the BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network. This network aims to offer support to those who are in the process of completing their masters or doctorate in education, as well as those who have completed their studies within the past 5 years. It seeks to meet the needs of not only those who are pursuing studies and/or careers as researchers within Higher Education, but also those who are practitioners seeking to undertake research to support their development.

The main objectives of the ECR Network are to - provide opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) to engage with their peers to develop their knowledge and skills - to network and collaborate, and - be connected with BERA and the broader academic community within education. The ECR Network accomplishes this through targeted correspondence with ECRs – including its termly newsletters, routine features within Research Intelligence, and a dedicated Twitter account – and events designed specifically to meet the needs of this community, such as the Network’s annual symposia series and writing for publication workshops. The ECR Network also provides bursaries to enable ECRs to access developmental opportunities, such as the Event Funding Scheme, as well as offering awards to recognise the exemplary work that is undertaken within the field, including the Masters Dissertation Award and Doctoral Thesis Award. For more information on the network, please feel free to contact me, or a member of the team at @BERA_ECRNetwork.

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