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Centre for Research in Professional Learning

The Centre for Research in Professional Learning (CRPL) brings together academics and professional colleagues who share an interest in comparing and contrasting learning within and across different and professional contexts.

What we do

Our research focuses on understanding the relationship between formal and informal learning throughout professional careers, but particularly at key transition points, with a view to improving outcomes. In particular, the interplay of theory and practice in decision making, the exercise of judgement in the uncertain and complex situations characteristic of professional work across disciplines, and the boundaries around professional work (including work/life balance) are of interest to us.

The Centre for Research in Professional Learning seeks to develop innovative approaches to professional learning and support and promote partnerships to maximise value.

Who we are

Staff affiliated to the Centre for Research in Professional Learning, include some based in University units beyond the Graduate School of Education. Staff from other units across the University and external affiliates are welcome. Please contact Vivienne Baumfield or Karen Mattick for further details, or see our Twitter feed @CRPL_Exeter for details of upcoming events such as our informal Research Teas!


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